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Combine the power of Bloomberg with the experience of The Mad King

What is it?

These templates are meticulously crafted exclusively for Bloomberg Terminal users (for now). They are engineered to be updated seamlessly through Excel, utilizing the Bloomberg add-in.


The system is pre-configured for ease of use. Users simply need to click the “Refresh Workbook” button on the Bloomberg add-in to synchronize the latest data and update the charts.


Additionally, there is flexibility to modify the chart designs to align with your brand’s aesthetics.


More templates will be periodically released. For subscribers of the Enterprise tier, we offer a bespoke service to create tailor-made templates based on your specific requirements.

The benefits

Using these templates throughout my career has been a significant time-saver, streamlining my ability to monitor various elements effortlessly.


The standout feature is the automatic update of not only the data but also the accompanying charts.


This functionality transforms what used to be a laborious process into a swift, one-minute task for tracking the progression of assets or economic data encapsulated in these templates.


To download and utilize these templates, you MUST have the following installed:


  1. Bloomberg Terminal
  2. Bloomberg Excel Add-in
  3. Excel
  4. Subscription to The Mad King

Download Bloomberg Compatible Excel Files


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